MAYOR ELECTION: Hugh Jackson (UKIP) - candidate statement

An election for the North of Tyne Combined Authority Mayor will be held on Thursday, May 2, 2019. To help you make your decision, each candidate has made a policy statement. This is what Hugh Jackson, standing for UKIP, says.

By Politics reporter
Friday, 26th April 2019, 10:02 am
Updated Friday, 26th April 2019, 11:10 am
Hugh Jackson, UKIP
Hugh Jackson, UKIP

'Corbridge-born, raised in Gateshead and gained my degree in Newcastle.

I was the first Regular Army Officer to go straight to the RAOC, where I enjoyed a lot of valuable experience in management and change.

On leaving the Army, my family and I moved back to ‘home’ in North Tyneside.

I then joined the TA and served until 1991 in 101 Regiment Royal Artillery.

Next, I went into teaching and then I was elected to North Tyneside Council for several years.

As Mayor, I want to encourage industries in the area to provide design, training and manufacturing.

To support small businesses everywhere, making us the epicentre of engineering and manufacturing excellence for the 21st century.

This will require a wide, deep and varied 18-plus training scheme to the highest standards.

A boost and investment in our fishing industry, from the Tyne to the Tweed is needed; achieved by making it viable, sustainable and capable of taking full advantage of the benefits of Brexit, stimulating shipbuilding on the Tyne and Coquet.

We need a transport system fit for the 21st century, which not only serves the needs of the economy but those of passengers in urban and rural areas.

I am keen to evaluate ‘trackless trams’. These are a new and very successful concept that could use the derelict railway lines as well as other routes that criss-cross our area. They are far cheaper to introduce than traditional light rail transit systems and could provide a rapid and expandable solution now to our increasing needs.

We must move away from our outmoded and failing political agendas.

With vision and by working together, I believe we will forge a bright and prosperous future for our region. That is what I will strive to achieve.'

The other candidates are: Dr John Appleby (Lib Dem); Jamie Driscoll (Lab); Charlie Hoult (Con); John McCabe (Ind). Click on their names for their statements.