Lib Dems candidate seeks to regain Berwick constituency seat the party lost in 2015

Tom Hancock, Lib Dem candidate for Berwick.Tom Hancock, Lib Dem candidate for Berwick.
Tom Hancock, Lib Dem candidate for Berwick.
The future of the NHS, climate change and the housing needs of local people are at the forefront of the Liberal Democrats campaign in the Berwick constituency.

Tom Hancock will attempt to regain a seat held for the party by Sir Alan Beith from 1973 until 2015, although the party was pushed into third place at the last count in 2017.

“I’ve been listening to people across the Berwick constituency who are really worried about the future of the NHS,” says Tom.

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“Whether it’s the years of delay for Berwick’s new infirmary, the battle over hospital beds in Rothbury or difficulties making a GP appointment everywhere, people are seeing our NHS on its knees.

People are worried that NHS services are being moved out of our rural communities, creating a two-tier system.

“That’s why one of my first jobs as your MP will be to ask senior NHS managers to explain how they will bring more services back to our communities. I’ll publish an annual Constituency Health Report to hold our NHS leaders to account for the decisions they take.”

With his professional experience working for a housing association, Tom says he also understands the issues that tenants across Northumberland face.

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Tom says he will work with communities to focus on the housing needs of local people, rather than building more high-end properties that benefit only the developers.

He also insists the Climate Emergency is not just a far-away issue – it directly impacts us.

“We’re lucky to have clean air and open countryside around us here in Northumberland,” says Tom. “But we’re as vulnerable to the effects of climate change as other parts of the country.

“Thankfully we haven’t had a repeat of previous years’ flooding which brought so much devastation to Rothbury, Powburn, Warkworth, Amble Harbour and Kirknewton. Without urgent action we will continue to be at risk.”

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The Liberal Democrats have launched an ambitious plan to insulate all low-income homes by 2025 and for 80% of electricity to be generated through renewable sources by 2030.

The other candidates are Thomas Stewart (Green), Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Conservative) and Trish Williams (Labour).