How you voted in our poll to say whether you think Brexit will still go ahead

It was almost as close as the EU 2016 referendum poll itself.

Monday, 21st October 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 21st October 2019, 7:05 am
We asked if people thought Brexit would still go ahead in the wake of the Super Saturday vote in parliament.

As we asked whether you think Brexit will still happen – in a national vote which returned a result of 52% in favour of a departure – our own poll sought your views in the wake of Super Saturday, which saw a majority of MPs back a move to How North East MPs voted on amendment to delay decision on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.

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How North East MPs voted on amendment to delay decision on Boris Johnson's Brexi...

It showed 43% thought it will still go ahead, with the remaining 57% backing the view that it would not, with calls backing a People’s Vote among the comments.

Andrew Edward Stevens said: “We voted to leave then we leave.”

Dorothy Madine added it would happen “When our MPs finally listen to their constituents.”

Christine Perkins added: “Yes, the people voted to leave so we should go with the vote or what is the point of voting if nobody takes any notice of it?”

Amy Murray said: “They asked us to vote so they should carry out the result of the referendum which was to leave.

“These remain politicians started all this nonsense when they did not like the result so the remainers are following in their footsteps. Get us out.”

Tina Johnson was among those to air her views on the matter.

She said: “So much has changed since the vote in 2016 the lies, the false promises, the damage it will do to major UK engineering, Boris cannot be trusted to represent the people, Scotland has been forgotten the only way to deal with this is a People’s Vote...I hope it will happen.”

Bruce Hewison said: “Regardless of what people voted for the truth is that the facts are different to the lies told to the people prior to the referendum.

“The only thing that will bring closure is a second referendum.”

Judy Read said: “If it was gonna happen it would have happened an awfully long time ago.”