Green Party candidate for Berwick pushes for a new approach to politics

Green Party candidate Thomas Stewart.Green Party candidate Thomas Stewart.
Green Party candidate Thomas Stewart. | Other 3rd Party
The Green Party has launched its campaign for the Berwick constituency with a commitment to a new approach to politics in the area.

They say this will be UK’s first “climate election” with the future of our environment at the heart of the debate.

The Green Party has long been working on climate change policy, and with the current emergency highlighted as never before the Green Party manifesto now commits to £100 billion per year for the next 10 years.

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This scale of commitment goes beyond other parties and is needed to address the huge and complex challenges. They believe the direct link between climate change, social justice and economic justice must be recognised.

The Green Party wants a Peoples’ Vote on EU membership, and would campaign for a clear “Remain and Reform” position. The Green Party recognises the EU is not perfect but considers it far preferable to be within and having a say on how it develops in the future.

The party says the last three years’ chaos on Brexit has highlighted the wider problem of how our democracy works in the UK. People need to feel they are properly represented, and the Green Party considers it essential that we move to a system of proportional representation, and also lower the voting age to 16.

Locally the Green Party will continue to campaign for better public transport, improved hospital provision, and more affordable housing in line with local incomes.

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Importantly, a Green New Deal for Northumberland will be promoted, investing in renewable energy, insulation of existing homes, new technologies and secure employment, greater opportunities for young people and better care and support for elderly people.

Green Party candidate Thomas Stewart, who has lived in the constituency for the last 26 years, and came fourth at the 2017 election, said: “Green policies are urgently needed locally and across the country, and the only party which has a comprehensive set of green policies is the Green Party.

“I will commit to standing up for the people of Northumberland to improve our future, making sure our voice is heard in London.”

The other candidates are Tom Hancock (Liberal Democrat), Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Conservative) and Trish Williams (Labour).