Wooler councillors call for rethink on Ramsey's Lane yellow lines proposal

Wooler councillors have called for a rethink on proposed parking restrictions on Ramsey’s Lane.

Picture c/o Google
Picture c/o Google

Following consultation with local residents, Northumberland County Council is planning to introduce double yellow lines along the length of the street.

However, Wooler Parish Council has criticised the plan.

Coun Tom Armstrong said: “Although we had asked them (NCC) to put the double yellow lines up to No. 34, they are going all the way to the top which is going to create a huge problem on that road.”

“It’s going to make parking even harder,” said Coun Kevan Curry. “The reason for having them only half way up was to leave the lane free because it’s wide enough to park up there.”

Coun Joyce Armstrong said parking on the bend meant drivers had to move on to the wrong side of the narrow road.

“Once you are out you have nowhere to go and if there’s a car coming up you’ve got to reverse,” she said. “It is getting more and more dangerous.”

Chairman Mark Mather added: “If they went half way up rather than the full way it would stop the blocking of entrances and stop the cars being on the wrong side of the road.”

In the consultation, seven people were in favour of putting double yellow lines to the top of the street and five were against.

“That’s why county have taken them all the way to the top,” said Coun Anthony Murray. “We have got to accept that it’s democracy in action. It was local people who were in favour of that plan.”