Steel containers bid at village site

The site location is just off Berwick Road, Chirnside. Picture from Google.The site location is just off Berwick Road, Chirnside. Picture from Google.
The site location is just off Berwick Road, Chirnside. Picture from Google.
An application to site 24 steel storage containers in a Berwickshire village has been submitted to Scottish Borders Council.

The bid follows on from the approval recently granted for 36 containers at the same location – the former Lloyds Tractors site in Chirnside’s Berwick Road.

That application led to concerns being raised by some local residents over the potential loss of privacy and other issues.

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But Chirnside Community Council raised no objections, with a spokesperson saying: “It is visually an improvement on the previous condition of the site, which was been neglected before the current owners took over. It will also be a useful facility for local commercial and domestic use.”

A statement submitted with the agreed application, from agents, Duns-based Richard Amos Ltd, said: “The applicant purchased the site in 2001 and has been using part of it as overflow car parking for Waterloo garage.

“In the interim there was no apparent demand for industrial or similar units.

“Recently the Smiths building has been refurbished and is now rented out. The applicant wishes to install storage containers to the north of the Smiths building to rent out to various businesses.

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“No permanent buildings are proposed, only steel containers. The containers will be maintained in an orderly layout and will be uniform in size and colour. Any containers added in future will remain the same specification and colour.

“The site has existing access from the public road, which already handles industrial/business use level of traffic. The proposed use will not generate significant levels of traffic due to renters visiting their containers infrequently, mainly to drop off or pick up items. There is space to the front of the containers for vehicles to park temporarily.

“There are existing high timber fences on the perimeter of the site to screen the surrounding houses.”

“Following the revisions that have been made and the inclusion of a separation zone between the nearest containers and the nearest dwellings, significant impacts to privacy are not anticipated.

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“Similarly, by moving the nearest containers away from neighbouring properties, significant impacts to access to light and sunlight should not be compromised. A condition is also attached to ensure containers are only stacked one high.”