Shepherd’s huts bid at Coldstream get the green light

Shepherd's hut.Shepherd's hut.
Shepherd's hut.
Eco tourists are set to flock to shepherd’s huts in Coldstream after an appeal against refusal of planning permission for two holiday homes was approved.

A bid for the traditional huts at Lennel, north east of Coldstream, on either side of an agricultural building beside the River Tweed, was submitted to Scottish Borders Council by Christopher Brass, of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.

The accommodation is aimed particularly at walkers, hikers and cyclists.

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The application was originally refused because of the extra vehicle traffic that could be generated on a ‘sub standard’ vehicle access.

But this week members of the council’s Local Review Body overturned that refusal.

Committee chair Simon Mountford said: “It does seem to me that the main problem here is the likelihood of guests arriving by car or private vehicle.

“Given the fact that this is aimed at walkers and cyclists it does seem to me that the applicant does have a reasonable case for saying there should be no guests arriving by car because that’s not the market he is aiming for and if they are going to book then surely they’d have done so by letter, phone or email where it could be made quite clear that car access is not available.”

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Councillor Scott Hamilton agreed, saying: “There are issues with this application but like you chairman the main one, which is this access and parking, I agree with your comments on that. On tourism grounds I think there is merit here for this application.”

Councillor Helen Laing added: “I couldn’t be more supportive of this. It is ticking lots of boxes in terms of sustainable, eco-friendly tourism. I think it is to be applauded.

“If people weren’t using the path to get to this site and they did come by public transport it’s only 800 metres away from Coldstream and that is walk-able in ten or 15 minutes, even with a heavy rucksack.”