Seagull-proof bin flaps fitted in attempt solve litter problem in Northumberland seaside village

Seagull-proof flaps have been fitted to litter bins in a Northumberland seaside village.

By Ian Smith
Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 10:54 am

The flaps are designed to prevent gulls picking fish and chips cartons and other food leftovers from the bins in Seahouses.

“We’ll see what happens now,” said chairman Cllr Geoffrey Stewart, who has fitted the flaps.

Litter bins in Seahouses.

Meanwhile, Northumberland County Council has cleaned five of the black bins as a goodwill gesture and will clean the remaining 10 free of charge.

The parish council has received quotes for getting the bins cleaned but it was decided to delay a decision and reassess after the county council has carried out its work.

Members are also still undecided if the bins should be relocated.

A proposal to relocate some of the bins closer to the shops so people sitting on public benches would have a more pleasant environment for eating fish and chips had previously been ruled out.

Cllr Ailsa Shiel suggested the bins could be moved a little closer to the road instead to create a wider pedestrian walkway.

"It would create a more pleasant area that is still accessible and not next to the shops,” she said.

However, Cllr David Donaldson said he had spoken with other local businesses which did not want them moved.

But Cllr Shiel felt this was because the shopkeepers initially thought the proposal was to put the bins nearer their shops.

Cllr Sylvia Hillan proposed waiting to see what impact the bin flaps have and this was agreed.

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