Plans submitted for 12 bungalows in Amble

New plans have been lodged for 12 bungalows in Amble.

Friday, 24th June 2022, 5:04 pm

D P Builders is seeking to develop a greenfield site to the south of the Southmead Estate.

A scheme comprising seven bungalows and five dormer bungalows is planned

It is the same number of properties that were envisaged in a 2020 application.

The proposed development site at Southmead, Amble.

The application site is adjacent to a site recently granted outline permission for 272 dwellings.

A planning report on the applicant’s behalf states: ‘It is clear that the site’s position in Amble makes it a sustainable location for development. The site is walking and cycling distance from Amble town centre.

The site would be accessed from a new access point from Percy Street on the eastern boundary of the site.

‘The position of this access has been carefully considered in light of the consented proposals to the east of the site which are also accessed from Percy Street,’ states the planning report.

A final decision will be made by Northumberland County Council.