Parish council steps in to secure future of school defibrillator

A parish council has stepped in to ensure a community defibrillator is not removed.

Glendale Middle School
Glendale Middle School

A defibrillator was installed at Glendale Middle School in Wooler several years ago thanks to the Stephen Carey Fund.

The charity has covered the running costs since then, despite the school having agreed to do so, but it has now been sent a bill for over £200 for a new set of pads and a battery.

Wooler Parish Council chairman Mark Mather said: “If the school don’t pay the bill the Stephen Carey Fund would remove the defibrillator and put it to another area which wouldn’t be good.”

He proposed that the parish council takes on the running costs, while the school will also hold an annual fund-raiser to contribute.

The parish council is also exploring the idea of funding another defibrillator at High Fair.