Northumberland village councillors call for further parking restrictions ahead of tourist season

Beadnell councillors have called for an urgent meeting to try and resolve parking issues ahead of the new visitor season.

Sunday, 2nd February 2020, 9:17 am
Beadnell. Picture c/o Google Streetview
Beadnell. Picture c/o Google Streetview

New double yellow lines were introduced in several parts of the popular seaside village in December but parish councillors are concerned that they do not go far enough.

In time, they hope to demonstrate to Arriva that the congestion issues which led to the bus company withdrawing its X18 service from the heart of the village are a thing of the past.

Alison Nation, parish council chairman, said: “The double yellow lines were extended after a resident complained that they could not get out of their driveway at busy times.

“That precipitated a spontaneous increase in the double yellow lines by Northumberland County Council, particularly as we were trying to save the bus route at the time.

“I spoke to an officer who said the best thing to do was push ahead and then they would consider it again if people think it is not sufficient.

“I feel we should contact the county council and ask that we need to do something urgently.

“To get it absolutely right we need an on site meeting so we can get the lines exactly where they need to be. We need to nip this in the bud and get it through before the season starts.

“And, of course, we can’t press the point about the bus route until we are sure they can get in and out.”

She also felt any suggestion to extend the bus route to the beach car park should be put on hold until the congestion issue was addressed.

The matter was brought to a head in October when a bus collided with a church wall while trying to get through a narrow gap, causing over £10,000 damage.

Arriva decided to reroute the X18 service to avoid the village centre and, since January 5, it now stops on Harbour Road instead.

However, the parish council has complained that a proper bus stop has not been installed and also wants Arriva drivers to be reminded that the chairman’s bench was the agreed pick up and drop off point.

Travelsure continues to operate its bus services through the village.