Housing appeal dismissed for 'over-stretched' Northumberland village

Google view of the site in questionGoogle view of the site in question
Google view of the site in question
Another appeal over a rejected scheme for new homes in Longframlington has failed, providing some relief for a village once described as ‘over-stretched’.

A Government-appointed planning inspector has agreed with Northumberland County Council that proposals for 24 properties on land west of Hawthorns, across the A697 from the cemetery, should not go ahead.

Described as the second phase of the 10 homes being developed on the adjoining site, the refusal decision was made under delegated authority by planning officers in February.

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The reasons were that it ‘would result in an obtrusive development in the rural landscape’ and that potential issues regarding drainage discharge had not been ‘appropriately addressed’.

Late in July, we reported that the appeal against the decision to reject an outline bid for 40 new homes on land to the south of Lightpipe Farm had been unsuccessful – but only due to a legal technicality, as a completed section 106 agreement was not submitted.

However, in this case, the result was more clear-cut with planning inspector Tim Wheeler concluding that ‘the proposal would cause harm in terms of the main issue of the effect on the appearance of Longframlington and the surrounding rural area’, although he did not uphold the drainage concerns.

In his decision, he wrote: ‘The landscape around the village is not subject to any special designation. However, that does not mean it is of no value.’

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He added: ‘When viewed from the open countryside beyond the site, the visual effects would be significant.

‘I chose the roadside verge opposite the lay-by on the A697 at Framlington Gate to assess the level of visual impact. In this view, the proposal would substantially extend the horizontal spread of the village, leading to a significantly increased perception of urbanisation.’

These decisions come as councillors last month voted unanimously to refuse plans for 58 homes on land north of Fairfields.

Elsewhere in the village, an appeal has been lodged over a rejected scheme to replace the former Westroad Garage, on Rothbury Road, with nine houses.

This application, which sparked more than 50 objections, was unanimously turned down at the February meeting of the North Northumberland Local Area Council.