Eyemouth waterfront regeneration project remains on track

Work on the ongoing regeneration of Eyemouth Harbour remains on track as a new planning application is submitted.

By Paul Kelly
Monday, 27th June 2022, 3:59 pm

Construction of the south pavilion is set to meet its handover target for September this year, it has emerged.

The pavilion’s ground floor is an open multi-use space of circa 65sqm with an accessible toilet and small pantry.

The first floor, accessed by a staircase at the south end and a platform lift at the north end, features five individual units suitable for a wide range of business and start-up opportunities.

Eyemouth High School pupils who worked on the sea garden.

A spokesperson for Eyemouth Harbour Trust said: “Discussions with potential tenants are progressing well and we look forward to sharing further details of how all spaces will be used and the opening of the pavilion over the coming months.

Space on both floors will be available to hire or book by the community, local groups, organisations and individuals. This will take the form of small workspaces, hot desks and meeting spaces along with larger flexible ground space.”

At the north end of the site a temporary ‘sea garden’ installation has been unveiled, and will remain at the location until the autumn.

It was a collaboration between architects Galmstrup and Eyemouth High School S1 and S2 art enrichment pupils, with support from Eyemouth Rotary, Eyemouth Enhancement Group and Eyemouth Hippodrome.

Pupils have designed and decorated a series of planters as part of their studies.

The spokesperson added: “Phase 2 of the Waterfront Regeneration Project will see the construction of the middle pavilion. We are preparing a funding bid and we’d hope to have secured funding by the end of 2022 if the bid is successful. Construction could potentially commence in early 2023.

“The middle pavilion is the smaller development with a footprint of 36sqm, allowing 30sqm of open ground floor space and two pods on the upper level.

“During the construction of phase 2 the northern most end of the site will be closed off again and used for the construction site and welfare offices.”

Meanwhile, an application has been submitted by Christine Bell, of Eyemouth Harbour Trust, for the installation of an open platform lift at the maritime museum as part of the ongoing redevelopment of the Old Fishmarket.

The Old Fishmarket building was demolished early in 2021 to enable the construction work to start.