Discussions held over potential new car park with up to 300 spaces in Northumberland visitor hotspot

Talks have taken place over the potential creation of a new car park in a popular Northumberland village.

Monday, 24th May 2021, 9:00 am

Bamburgh Castle Estates is investigating the possibility of converting The Moor Field, up The Wynding on the approach to the golf club, into seasonal parking.

Initial discussions have taken place with Northumberland County Council and Bamburgh Parish Council.

It is thought the site could create up to 300 parking spaces, although the whole field would not be used.

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The potential for a new car park off The Wynding, Bamburgh, is being investigated.

Cllr Barbara Brook, parish council chairman, revealed she had spoken about it with James Bolton of Bamburgh Castle Estates.

"It’s at the discussion stage so nothing is cast in stone but they are thinking about applying to Northumberland County Council,” she revealed. “They are aware that there is a parking problem in Bamburgh.”

If permission was granted, it is envisaged that it would be a pay car park. Barriers could possibly be erected and works would be needed around the entrance to bring it up to an acceptable standard.

One of the suggestions, revealed Cllr Brook, is to close the two existing small car parks on The Wynding when The Moor Field was open. These smaller car parks would reopen when The Moor Field was shut.

The idea was broadly welcomed by parish councillors.

"It could be good news for the future if we could get a car park closer to the beach and relieve some of the problems on The Wynding,” said Cllr Brook.

Cllr Andrew Bardgett added: “The possibility of a car park there has been mentioned in village surveys we’ve done. I personally think it’s a good idea.

"With the numbers of cars we’re getting the two on The Wynding are often full, although I would think there might be some objections from an aesthetic point of view.”

“It does seem the natural place,” said Cllr Kate Morton.

Cllr John Mackey added: “I think it’s worth exploring. We’re only at the early stages.”

But Cllr Kirsty Dobson sounded a note of caution.

"My concern is that the size they are suggesting would encourage more traffic on The Wynding and possibly more congestion,” she said. “300 is a big jump.”

It was also revealed that Bamburgh Castle Estates is considering an application for a seasonal car park in the Glebe Field. It is traditionally used for just 28 days a year, although it is now permitted to use it for 56 days this year only.

"It would be great if that happens,” said Cllr Brook. “It would probably be open between May and October.”

However, there was disappointment that a potential site for a temporary car park on Lucker Road has been ruled out.

“Unfortunately the using the Ducket Field as a car park has had to be abandoned because Natural England have said they are not prepared to allow any trial until September which is not much good to anyone as most of the holidaymakers have left,” explained Cllr Brook. “It’s a great shame as John and Charles Baker-Cresswell had been quite positive about it and had gone to quite a bit of trouble so I’d like to thank them for trying to help the village in alleviating its parking problem.”

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