Conservatives hold Hexham seat

Hexham MP Guy Opperman.
Hexham MP Guy Opperman.

Conservative MP Guy Opperman has held the Hexham seat.

Mr Opperman secured the seat with 22,834 votes, ahead of Labour’s Liam Carr with 10,803 and David Nicholson of UKIP in third place with 4,302 votes.

In 2010 Mr Opperman was elected with 18,795 votes, marking a 43.2 per cent share, ahead of the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

Turnout was 71.5 per cent.

The result comes after the Conservatives took a slim national majority.


Guy Opperman (Cons) - 22,834

Liam Carr (Lab) - 10,803

David Nicholson (UKIP) - 4,302

Jeff Reid (LibDem) - 2,961

Lee Williscroft-Ferris (Green) - 2,445