All the results from North Tyneside Council's local elections 2022

There was very little change in the overall make-up of North Tyneside Council despite an election count that went long into the night.

By James Robinson
Friday, 6th May 2022, 10:17 am
The North Tyneside Local Elections 2022 count gets underway at the Park Leisure Centre in North Shields. Photo: James Robinson.

The late arrival of almost 3,000 postal votes at 9pm on polling day meant the council’s best estimates for the completion of the count were pushed back by around two hours.

It meant that by the time many neighbouring authorities were wrapping up for the night, the first seat in North Tyneside was still to be declared.

The biggest story of the night saw North Tyneside Conservatives leader Coun Sean Brockbank lose his ward of Monkseaton South to Labour candidate Martin Murphy.

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Martin Murphy, who won the Monkseaton South Ward from Conservative leader Sean Brockbank in the North Tyneside 2022 Local Elections.

Labour also claimed the Howdon ward from Independent councillor Maureen Madden, who did not run for re-election.

However, the party’s cabinet member for housing, Steve Cox, lost his seat to Conservative candidate Olly Scargill.

North Tyneside went to the polls on Thursday, May 5, 2022 and below are the results by ward as they were announced.

Battle Hill:

Olly Scargill, who won the Collingwood Ward from Labour cabinet member Steve Cox at the 2022 Local Elections.

Helen MacKenzie Bell (Green) 212

Jane Mceachen (UKIP) 113

Jean Murray (Conservative) 528

Steven Alan Phillips (Labour) 1716

Labour hold


David Arthur (Independent) 594

Jay Beyer (Liberal Democrat) 244

Wayne Kavanagh (Conservative) 534

Josephine Mudzingwa (Labour) 1577

Allie Wilson Craw (Green) 194

Labour hold


Lisa Ferasin (Labour) 1427

David Wallace Lilly (Conservative) 508

John Graham Morley (Green) 152

Labour hold


Ian William Appleby (Green) 154

Stephen Patrick Bones (Conservative) 446

Graeme Cansdale (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 230

Rebecca O’Keefe (Labour) 1093

Jack James Thomson (UKIP) 89

Labour hold


Steve Cox (Labour) 1273

Penny Remfrey (Green) 213

Olly Scargill (Conservative) 1604

Conservative gain from Labour


John Hoare (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 37

Pamela Ann Hood (UKIP) 60

Sophie Joanna McGlin (Green) 310

Steven Paul Robinson (Conservative) 1519

Willie Samuel (Labour and co-operative party) 1801

Labour hold


Laura Marley (Green) 213

Tricia Neira (Labour) 1437

Robert White (Conservative) 403

Labour gain from independent


Deb Altman (Green) 197

Val Jamieson (Labour) 1698

John Ord (Conservative) 822

Nathan Kieran Mather Shone (Liberal Democrat) 166

Labour hold


Victoria Mary Bones (Conservative) 428

Steve Manchee (Green) 313

Joan Isabel Walker (Labour) 1645

Labour hold

Monkseaton North:

Joe Kirwin (Labour) 2336

David Nisbet (Lib Dem) 146

George Partis (Conservative) 784

Claire Emma Wedderman (Green) 181

Labour hold

Monkseaton South:

Sean Michael Brockbank (Conservative) 1412

Martin James Murphy (Labour) 1798

Neil Oliver Percival (Green) 345

Labour gain from Conservative


Alice Felicity Baines (Green) 251

Linda Isobel Bell (Labour) 1368

Haylee Elizabeth Josendale (Conservative) 500

Labour hold


Frank Steven Austin (Independent) 92

Cath Davis (Labour and co-operative party) 1526

Neil David Graham (Conservative) 1268

Jackson William Hugh (UKIP) 49

Rob Wylie (Green) 155

Labour hold


William George Jarrett (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition) 116

Maureen Jeffrey (Conservative) 472

Nick Martin (Green) 254

Charles Bruce Pickard (Labour) 1274

Labour hold

St Mary’s:

Janet Elizabeth Appleby (Liberal Democrat) 170

Allison Austin (Independent) 292

Pamela McIntyre (Conservative) 1811

Grant Michael Morris (Labour) 1195

Kate Percival (Green) 164

Conservative hold


Sarah Louise Day (Labour) 2045

Henry Marshall (UKIP) 69

Ian McAlpine (Conservative) 1576

Simon Richard Smithson (Green) 410

Labour hold


Brian Burdis (Labour) 1823

Gordon Fletcher (Reform UK) 110

Roger Werner Maier (Green) 304

Julian Pratt (Conservative) 591

Labour hold


Julia Hayward (Green) 178

Ian Jones (Conservative) 358

Louise Dolores Marshall (Labour) 1498

Harriet Annabella Stanway (Conservative) 202

Labour hold


Daniel John Elsom (Liberal Democrat) 1064

Michelle Maria Fox (Labour) 1330

Trish Gargett (Conservative) 635

Labour hold

Whitley Bay:

Gordon Bell (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition) 44

Margaret Hall (Labour) 1760

Stewart Thomas Hay (Conservative) 445

Alan Steele (Green) 1236

Labour hold