POLITICS: Response to criticisms

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I write with reference the letter from Mr T Clark, Labour candidate for Amble, (Northumberland Gazette, March 30).

I actually attended the county council budget meeting and Amble Town Council’s subsequent meeting.

In answer to the criticisms, the Conservatives did not support the Labour county council budget, due to the inclusion of the move of County Hall to Ashington and other serious concerns.

The James Calvert Spence improvements were not discussed at the budget meeting, nor were they specifically mentioned in the budget. It was announced by press release.

Subsequently, Amble town councillors asked the question at their meeting why the proposals could not be located in their copy of the budget? However, all councillors welcome the proposals.

The loan to the Alnwick Garden was withdrawn by Labour after pressure from Conservative councillors and others who rightly demanded it must be risk-assessed before inclusion in the budget.

June Watson,

Conservative candidate for Amble, Togston and Hauxley