POLITICS: Investment was rejected

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It was interesting to note the message from Mrs JE Watson, the Tory candidate for Amble, (Northumberland Gazette, March 9), who attacked the Labour Party on debt levels that haven’t been created yet when her Government had to admit that it has tripled the debt left by Gordon Brown’s Government.

She fails to say that the Tories at County Hall did not produce a budget to challenge the council and voted against investment in Amble, such as work to modernise James Calvert Spence College, build a new hotel to increase employment and visitor numbers, resolve car parking issues to strengthen Queen Street, and develop infrastructure to help our town grow as many building applications are forced on areas such as ours by the Tory government, which demands that a million homes are developed nationally during the lifetime of this Parliament.

On the subject of the loan to increase jobs and the economy in Alnwick to help that town, the council deferred it.

Terry Clark,