POLITICS: Fully satisfy requirements

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It is unfortunate to see in the run-up to the local elections the tactics being employed by political opponents.

As I am the subject of the letter Mr Kinloch submitted (Northumberland Gazette, April 6), I am sure you will allow me to respond.

When writing, Mr Kinloch should have declared his Labour allegiance, as I see he has spent time campaigning with our Labour candidate James Matthewson, as promoted by Mr Mathewson on his Facebook page.

Mr Kinloch’s letter is, unfortunately, a personal attack.

The hypocrisy of the argument makes it worse – Mr Kinloch’s preferred candidate, James Matthewson, doesn’t live in the Alnwick Division either, he lives in Rock, which is in the Longhoughton Ward. It is also a fact that one of the LibDem candidates does not live in Alnwick.

I have worked in Alnwick for the last nine years as a chartered rural practice surveyor for a locally-based firm, working with local businesses and people throughout Alnwick and wider north Northumberland.

I would bring a professional skill set that would be of great benefit to the council and, having worked in Alnwick for just under 10 years in a professional capacity, I know the local area well and fully satisfy the requirements for Northumberland County Council electoral candidates.

Over the last year, I have been the only county council candidate to survey the views of nearly every house in the entire Alnwick, Alnmouth and Lesbury area so I can say that Alnwick needs a strong voice to stand up for its issues.

I can say that, unlike the LibDems, whose record is one of support for Labour’s management of the council, the real choice in our county is between a Conservative or a Labour-run council.

From the overwhelming replies to my surveys, I can say that residents in Alnwick wish to halt the waste of £80million on the new County Hall project, they wish to scrap the Labour teenage transport tax, they wish to improve local roads and they agree with me that there should be a local area council with devolved budgets and powers for planning decisions to be made locally.

The issues in this election are too important for personal attacks, so please, let’s raise the standard of debate.

‘Please think before voting on May 4,’ says Mr Kinloch – at least ending his letter with some very good advice.

Robbie Moore,

Conservative Party candidate for Alnwick Division