POLITICS: Candidates should be local

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As somebody who was born in, lived in and has worked in Alnwick my entire life, I have had (for some time now) growing concerns in the lead-up to the next local election on Thursday, May 4.

The reason behind my concerns at this election, more so than any other in recent memory, is due to a certain leaflet I received through the letterbox of my home in Alnwick.

This leaflet was from the new Conservative candidate Robbie Moore.

It struck me, as a life-long resident of the town, that this was not a name I recognized.

The leaflet starts with Mr Moore describing a range of generic issues I have seen printed on all Conservative Party leaflets delivered to friends’ houses across the county.

It worried me greatly that somebody running for election in Alnwick, had very little idea of any of the true issues affecting the town.

On the bottom of Mr Moore’s leaflet, it states Local issues. Local action. Local Conservatives.

Anyone would think that Mr Moore was trying to emphasize the point he is local to help convince residents that he is the man for the job.

However, it didn’t take long for me to find out the truth.

This ‘local’ Conservative does not even live in Northumberland, let alone Alnwick.

He has no place of residence in the county of Northumberland and as far as I am aware, no connection to the entirety of Northumberland other than working as a rural surveyor.

Other than being blatant misinformation, this also poses another alarming question – if he were to be elected, no decision he would vote on at county hall would even affect him and his daily life, a fact that I feel would disturb every resident of our town

After finding this out I was even more concerned to learn that he has previously run for Newcastle City Council as a Conservative candidate and lost the election.

After seeing a Facebook page set up by Mr Moore, which again misled people to believe it was a ‘non-political’ page designed to give ‘neutral’ information on Alnwick; this was called ‘Alnwick Matters’.

All this page did was continually praise and promote the MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan, to whom Mr Moore in his leaflet explains he is working very closely alongside. The leaflet further states that ‘Robbie understands the town well’.

I firmly believe that local politics should be exclusive to local people.

How on earth can Alnwick be represented properly by somebody who doesn’t even live in the same county?

There are local candidates from many different parties running for election in Alnwick and I would hate to see genuine local people missing out on an opportunity to represent their hometown due to a career-motivated individual, meaning our town will lose out even more.

Please think before voting on May 4.

Benjamin Charles


Chapel Lands,