Political parties back our campaign to stamp out nuisance cold-callers

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Cross-party support has been given to our campaign to Stop Nuisance Robocalls.

Since we launched the initiative last week, we have been inundated with support to stop the unwanted, automated, recorded-message calls which have been making people’s lives a misery.

Dozens of petition forms have already been sent back to us and more have signed up to the campaign online.

The bid was given support by MP Sir Alan Beith, who represents the Berwick-upon-Tweed constituency, from the offing and now Conservative candidate for the area, Anne-Marie Trevelyan and Labour’s Coun Scott Dickinson, business chairman of Northumberland County Council, who represents Druridge Bay, have also given their backing.

Coun Dickinson said: “I would be delighted to support the Gazette’s campaign to stop nuisance callers who think it’s OK to call at any hour they choose to often harass people.

“I believe that many people have been traumatised by calls late at night and in the early hours of the morning assuming that an emergency or fatality has taken place only to find someone asking questions. “Companies like this need to review these practices and phone providers need to support residents to block these companies from being able to make people’s lives a misery and cause disruption.

“It may sound trivial to some, but those living alone, those with loved ones in the armed forces or children away from home are woken at an ungodly hour fearing the worst and that must be a traumatic experience.”

Anne-Marie said: “I will do whatever I can to support this campaign and stop these calls.

“These super-computers that they use for automated cold-calling are not set on a default that is human.

“There are many ways to stop these calls, but they do not always work and there are so many different companies that it is very complex.

“There are also bigger issues in terms of companies using call centres outside the EU which don’t conform to EU regulations as well.

“They are one of modern life’s frustrations and I am giving my support to the campaign and will write to the Information Commisioner about it.”

Our campaign is calling on the Information Commissioner’s Office to Stop Nuisance Robocalls which are blighting people’s lives.

We are asking for powers to be strengthened so that companies who flagrantly flout the rules pay the price. obocalls are illegal, unless you have signed up to receive them, but as yet no firm has been fined or prosecuted for ignoring the law.

We are lobbying the Information Commissioner’s Office to Stop Nuisance Robocalls and to strengthen powers to prevent companies from using automated sales calls. To help, we need you to sign our petition here.