Police warning after spate of thefts from outbuildings

Latest from Northumbria Police.Latest from Northumbria Police.
Latest from Northumbria Police.
Police are issuing security advice after a number of thefts from outbuildings and premises in north Northumberland.

The incidents have occurred in the Swarland, Felton and Longframlington areas and officers are urging people to keep garages and outbuildings locked and secure at all times, as some of the thefts have been from insecure buildings.

Police are targeting patrols in the area and are reminding people to report suspicious activity by calling 101 or if a crime is taking place dial 999.

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Police have issued the following security advice to keep outbuildings safe. These are:* Ensure your fences and hedges are in good repair and keep gates locked;* Invert and cap gate hinges so that gates cannot be lifted off;* Upgrade your storage to reflect the value of your property. If your building shell is poor consider using secondary secure storage such as a container;* Fit British Standard locks with strong locking bars to doors and windows. If padlocks are used make sure they are closed shackle ones;* Protect windows with metal grilles or consider blocking them up completely;* Install security lighting and regularly check lights to ensure they are in working order;* Consider installing an intruder alarm in your buildings. You can also purchase perimeter alarms to protect your boundaries/yards;

* Display signage stating buildings are alarmed;* Overtly mark your property with your postcode and register items on the secure asset register Immobilise.com

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