Police wanted Moat alive

A SENIOR police officer involved in the hunt for Raoul Moat in Northumberland was asked whether police had wanted the gunman dead.

Chief Superintendent Jo Farrell was in charge of the tactical operation to bring the on-the-run killer to justice.

As silver commander of Operation Bulwark she helped lead the manhunt for Moat in Rothbury last summer.

She was determined to see the fugitive face trial for his crimes, she told his inquest at Newcastle Crown Court.

Newcastle Coroner David Mitford said: “People might take the view that this is a person who not only had harmed members of the public but had made the vow to kill police officers.

“They might think perhaps the police were not too well disposed towards him and might have been happy to see him dead?”

Ms Farrell said the decision to use non-lethal shotgun Tasers was taken to give officers who surrounded the killer a chance to bring him in alive, adding: “The indications were that he was intent on taking his own life and that he posed a significant threat.”

Moat, 37, was pronounced dead on arrival at Newcastle General Hospital in July last year.

The six-hour stand-off in Rothbury ended a huge hunt for Moat who had shot his ex Sam Stobbart, murdered her new boyfriend Chris Brown and later blinded Pc David Rathband.

The inquest at Newcastle Crown Court continues.