Police to target speeding motorists in Northumberland

Latest news from Northumbria Police.
Latest news from Northumbria Police.

Police are vowing to take action against dangerous drivers in Northumberland.

Concerns have been raised in Alnwick and Amble about cars racing in both town centres.

The local neighbourhood policing team is working with Northumberland County Council’s Community Safety Team to take action and launched a focussed operation, to support the Force’s road safety campaign Operation Dragoon.

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Truscott said: “It is not just foolish to race cars in this way but it is incredibly dangerous. Driving at high speed means the driver has less control over the vehicle increasing the chance of a collision and someone getting seriously injured – or potentially worse.

“Not only that, the noise and associated anti-social behaviour can seriously affect the quality of life for the local community who have to put up with the constant sound of car engines and people hanging around.

“We are working in conjunction with Northumberland County Council’s Community Safety Team to take action and have a local operation in place to help prevent any further racing.

“Officers will be in the area stopping and speaking to those involved – even if they have not committed a traffic offence we have a bespoke warning letter for vehicle-related anti-social behaviour. The letter aims to educate and raise awareness and warns the driver of the potential consequences of their behaviour. Further action will be taken against those who receive a letter but continue to offend.”

Further information about anti-social behaviour and Operation Dragoon is available on Northumbria Police’s website. To speak to your local neighbourhood policing team ring 101 ext 69191.