Police to take action on rowdy drinkers

Police are working with pubs and off-licences in a bid to silence drunken, rowdy behaviour in Alnwick.

The crackdown follows concerns raised by residents of an increase in noise by people visiting pubs and late-night take-aways.

Extra patrols will be carried out on the nights when the town is busier to deal with any drunken disorder before it gets out of hand.

Officers will be visiting licensees in the area to make sure they are complying with the conditions of their licence and remind them of their roles and responsibilities under the licensing regulation act.

Police will work with licensees to identify anyone involved in drunken, rowdy behaviour so action can be taken, and will also visit take-aways to let them know what they can do to help.

Alnwick neighbourhood inspector Paul Truscott said: “We understand the impact this sort of issue has on local residents.”