Police team backs European road-safety day

Northumbria Police's Op Dragoon team are supporting a European day of action to reduce the number of people killed on our roads.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 8:31 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 9:36 am
News from Northumbria Police
News from Northumbria Police

European road safety network TIPSOL is hoping that September 21 will be the world’s first European Day Without A Road Death and called on the support of all road users on the continent.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging the public to reflect on their behaviour and attitude towards driving in a bid to reduce the risk of a serious accident on our roads.

The Op Dragoon team has already been working hard to educate people about the dangers of our roads and regularly visit schools, colleges and events to spread the road safety message.

In the past 12 months, the number of fatalities on our roads has fallen by 32 per cent following a number of road-safety campaigns, but despite that, 26 people were still killed on our region’s roads.

Now Op Dragoon is throwing its weight behind the initiative – dubbed Project Edward – and want the public to show their support by posting pictures of the number zero on Twitter. People will be encouraged to make the number zero with their hands or using road-related objects such as a tyre, steering wheel or a branded logo on their vehicle.

Chief Inspector John Heckels, head of the Op Dragoon team, said: “One death as a result of a road traffic accident is one too many and more work still needs to be done to help make our roads safer.

“Losing a member of your family is devastating and one of the most difficult parts of our job is knocking on the door of a victim’s family to break the news that their loved one has passed away.

“People may get behind the wheel and think they are invincible, but we know that is simply not the case. Collisions can happen in a blink of the eye and the results can be horrendous.

“We know that there will probably be more fatalities on our roads in the future, but those types of incidents are far less likely to occur if people treat the roads, and other road users, with respect.

“Everyone is a road user in some way or another whether you’re a taxi driver, farmer, motorcyclist, pedal cyclist, haulier, public transport provider, horse rider, walker, young child or patient transport user.

“We want you all to be involved in this campaign and play your part in making our roads safer. Tweet us a picture and make it obvious to us what kind of road user you are.

“If you’re a lollipop person, let us see your uniform. If you’re a tractor driver, show us your boiler suit. We want everyone to get behind this campaign and get everyone to back this campaign.”