Police take action against motorbike disorder

Police latest.
Police latest.

Police have taken action after an increase in reports of anti-social motorbike disorder in rural Northumberland.

The vehicles were being ridden in the Upper Coquet Valley, on the land of private property without the landowners' permission, at anti-social times - often late at night - causing damage to the land. It is illegal to ride motorbikes on the land of private property without permission from the landowner.

In response, the Neighbourhood Policing Team launched an operation aimed at identifying those responsible for causing the problems and putting a stop to their behaviour.

Alnwick Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Truscott said: "Anti-social behaviour caused by motorbikes is an issue we know has been affecting residents the most in Upper Coquetdale. Riding motorbikes late at night is noisy and can cause concern for a lot of people and the bikes themselves tear up and damage the land - often private land or local authority parks and recreational areas.

"In response to residents' concerns we worked closely with landowners and local motorbike groups to implement a green route - a designated area for riders without causing disruption to residents or damage to private land.

"The areas that were being used by riders are traditionally difficult to police due to rough terrain but Sergeant Vickers, from the Rothbury Neighbourhood Policing Team, was determined to identify those suspected of motorcycle disorder.

"On Sunday, November 22, his persistence paid off when he stopped five people in a carpark in Harbottle preparing to set off for Upper Coquetdale. He spoke to the riders about illegal riding and talked to them about the green routes available. The riders later left the area voluntarily.

"We encourage residents to continue to ring us about any motorcycle disorder they see. Report it straight away when it's happening and tell us where it's taking place. That way we can respond and take action. Help us put the brakes on this issue by working with us and reporting incidents to us."

To report motorcycle disorder where you are ring 101.