Police seize booze from teenagers

Sgt Neville Wharrier with the seized alcohol.
Sgt Neville Wharrier with the seized alcohol.

POLICE are cracking down on underage drinkers as dozens of bottles have been seized.

With light nights and better weather on the way, Northumbria Police is stepping up its campaign to rid the streets of Alnwick and Amble of teenage drinkers.

Since the beginning of March, at least nine booze seizures have taken place, not including open containers which are thrown away at the scene.

And on one occasion police found around 200 empty cans in Barresdale after a weekend of what is believed to be teenagers drinking.

Hotspots in Alnwick are the Summer Seats and the darkest areas of Alnwick recreation ground, while in Amble, The Braid and the Links are targeted.

Children as young as 14 have been stopped and when alcohol is found on an under-18, a letter is sent home. Three instances in a year lead to an arrest.

Anyone caught buying alcohol for youngsters will be fined £80 while retailers can have their licences revoked.

Anyone with information about underage drinking is asked to contact police on 101, ext 69191.