Police’s partial parking clampdown

POLICE have said that officers in Alnwick Market Place are only there as an ‘interim measure’.

Officers were stationed at the entrance to the Market Place on Monday morning, warning people that they should only enter for loading and unloading.

An angry resident, who did not wish to be named, said that the police were there at 9am but when he returned 45 minutes later, officers were no longer there and 14 cars had parked.

“They need to do it properly if they are going to do it. Put signs up saying you will be prosecuted or forget about it,” he said.

But responsibility for enforcing parking restrictions is no longer a police matter, they claim, with powers being transferred to local authorities.

Alnwick Neighbourhood Police Inspector Sue Peart said that along with speed checks, officers were speaking to drivers but it was an ‘interim measure’.

“We can’t be there all the time,” she said. “But it’s important to stress it’s not a police matter to enforce.

“Parking offences have to be dealt with by the county council.

“Under new legislation, police will only deal with parking offences which cause dangerous obstructions.

“In the meantime, of course, we are doing our best to help.

“Officers on that duty have been briefed on the legislation and will pass that on to anyone who asks.”