Police pledge action into reports of teenage troublemakers in Northumberland village

Police have pledged to take action following allegations of anti-social behaviour in Seahouses.

Thursday, 28th November 2019, 6:18 pm
Updated Friday, 29th November 2019, 11:18 am

Reports have been made of a small minority of teenagers intimidating elderly residents in the area around the James Street play park.

Neighbourhood Inspector John Swan, from Northumbria Police, said: “Officers are aware of local concerns around anti-social behaviour in Seahouses.

“We have had reports complaining of teenagers participating in intimidating behaviour towards residents and contributing to disorder, especially in and around James Street Park.

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“Whilst the majority of teenagers and young people are respectful and do not engage in this sort of behaviour, unfortunately a small minority do and this can cause issues for people.

“We use a number of different tactics to police anti-social behaviour including disruption initiatives, speaking to schools and parents and educating young people around the consequences their behaviour can have.

“We’re also introducing dedicated Police Community Support Officers to the area to help police and tackle the issue.

“I also encourage residents to report any incidents to police so we have an accurate picture of crime in the area to help best utilise officers and resources.

“We hope this sends a strong message to those residents who feel intimidated or stressed by these types of incidents - we take these concerns very seriously and we will continue to take action.”

Anyone with any concerns is asked to contact their local police station, call 101 or report online via our website.