Police negotiator tells Moat to come in with ‘dignity and pride’

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A POLICE negotiator told Raoul Moat that he had an ‘opportunity to tell the world what has happened’ during the six-hour stand-off on Rothbury’s Riverside, an inquest heard.

Part of a three-hour recording of the conversation between the self-confessed killer and a police officer, only identified as A3, was played to the jury at Newcastle Crown Court this afternoon (Thursday).

In it Moat is told that if he gives himself up ‘it is not the end it is the beginning’ and that ‘tomorrow is a new day’.

The negotiator, who moves closer to Moat to be able to hear him better, is heard to say: “I don’t want you to shoot yourself.”

He also tells Moat that he has a future and that he needs to be able to tell his children what happened.

And when Moat says he is hungry and thirsty, he adds: “I don’t want to take the mickey, but what kind of sandwich would you like?”

The negotiator continues to tell Moat that the police are not going to hurt him and adds: “Tomorrow you can start being that normal guy. We can get you the help that you need to be that normal guy.”

He continues to ask Moat to put the gun down and come towards him and he can do it with ‘dignity and pride’ and says he is not going to lie to him.

Moat’s love for his ex-girlfriend and his children is also re-iterated by the negotiator.

He also tells Moat that Chris Brown, whom Moat shot dead, was a karate instructor but says the gunman ‘acted on the information’ he was given.

More evidence will be heard from negotiators tomorrow and next week.

The inquest continues.