Police look to new ways of working to cope with cuts

Police may have to look at new ways of working to cope with budget cuts, parish councillors in Seahouses have been told.

Friday, 22nd February 2019, 13:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st February 2019, 11:17 am

Neighbourhood Inspector Liz Hall was guest speaker at the February meeting of North Sunderland Parish Council.

She said that several options were being looked at, including seasonal demand. In some areas where officers are working all year round it may be changed to having more officers in the summer and less in the winter.

Neighbourhood Inspector Liz Hall. Picture by Jane Coltman

Parish councillors were assured no decisions have been made at present. It was also stressed there will not be one solution for every area; each area will be assessed according to the needs and resources.

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It was revealed that the police office in the fire station will not close but will remain unmanned. They realise this is not the ideal location but were willing to consider a new location if anyone could suggest somewhere. The coastguard office or tourist information centre were suggested.

Concern was expressed that if an arrest was made two officers were needed to transport them to the cells, which could leave the area unmanned for several hours. Insp Hall explained they could shuttle them down to the cells, releasing the officers to return to the area more quickly.

A councillor reported he had been told a white lorry with a green sign on the side belonging to contractors doing work at the old first school site had been seen carrying the missing whale bone arch on the back. Further inquiries are to be made.

Insp Hall reported she had received no intelligence of drugs in this area.

Concerns were raised by councillors about drink-driving. They were also worried that crime was on the rise. The golf club had been broken into and the safe taken and machinery was taken from a garden.

Meanwhile, neighbourhood services at Northumberland County Council are to be asked to do another clean of the village.

Parish councillors were told they are supposed to clean the village three times in the year but only did two last year.

Councillors also called for the proper repair of potholes on Main Street in North Sunderland, saying temporary repairs were useless.