Police issue tickets after parking causes problems

Parking on Riverside in Felton
Parking on Riverside in Felton

Huge concerns have been raised about parking in Felton as businesses in the village attract more and more visitors.

At Monday night’s monthly parish council meeting, parking along Riverside was highlighted as causing problems for residential access as well as causing damage to grass verges.

It is thought the increase in parking is related to visitors going to the Running Fox and Northumberland Arms.

Coun Barbara Dickson said a resident had called the police after trying to talk to some of the drivers failed to alleviate the problems.

“The police came out and issued six tickets for inconsiderate parking and dangerous parking,” she said.

“They said they couldn’t be there all the time but in the future, if there were problems, the public could ring the police and they would come out.

“They are parking further and further down towards the War Memorial. The ground is getting churned up but they are also getting closer to the bridge and restricting access to residents.”

Clerk Lisa Hamlin said she had been contacted about people parking outside houses next to the Northumberland Arms.

But she said: “You cannot stop people parking on a highway.

“If you put signs up, Northumberland County Council will remove them because you can’t enforce them.

Coun Marion Clark said: “When the problem on Riverside was raised before, we discussed having stones or bollards put in but we decided against it because Northumberland County Council wouldn’t allow it.”

Coun John Marsden added: “It is the result of the success of businesses but we don’t want to stop them doing well.

“Customers are not going to go away, they will just go and park somewhere else.”

He asked if there was anywhere in the village which could be offered as a car park but councillors were unsure if anywhere would be suitable.

Chairman Coun Tony Hood said there were also more cars now parking on Main Street as Gallery 45 has opened.

He added: “It’s a vicious circle that just keeps going round and round and round.

“We will have to have a review of it.”