Police fight back over anti-social behaviour

The Park on Swansfield Park Road, Alnwick.
The Park on Swansfield Park Road, Alnwick.

Police have vowed to crack down on anti-social behaviour at two spots in Alnwick, after a rise in complaints from worried residents.

Concerns have been raised about youths allegedly downing alcohol and causing disturbance at the park, on Swansfield Park Road.

There are also issues at St Michael’s Square, with youngsters making noise and kicking footballs about.

Police have put extra officers on patrol to talk to residents and provide advice to those who visit the two areas and have warned that they will issue louts with dispersal orders, if necessary.

Alnwick Inspector Paul Truscott said: “Anti-social behaviour is a problem which affects every community to some degree and it is a priority for us to tackle. As a response to the reports in Alnwick, additional patrols are taking place in these areas and positive action is being taken at every opportunity.

“We are carrying out home visits to those youths who have been identified as causing problems in the community and holding joint meetings with housing associations to address persistent offenders with regard to noise issues.

“An additional power which we have used in other parts of the area is the use of dispersal powers where the police can ask someone committing, or likely to commit anti-social behaviour, to leave an area for up to 48 hours.

“If an area is becoming a hotspot of anti-social behaviour, I will review the incidents and decide if a dispersal order is necessary.”