Police consult on plan to tackle rural crime

News from Northumbria PoliceNews from Northumbria Police
News from Northumbria Police
Police have set out their strategy for tackling crime in rural areas and they are encouraging residents' feedback to help shape the plan.

Officers are currently consulting on their draft rural crime priorities. These are stopping travelling criminals, reducing the theft of machinery and working with communities to prevent crime.

A police statement in January’s Farmwatch bulletin reads: ‘We recognise the impact of incidents or crimes on those who work or live in our rural communities and, with this in mind, we are committed to preventing and deterring rural crime.

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‘If you have any thoughts or comments please let us know as the feedback you provide will help us develop and evolve a rural crime strategy to continue to prevent crime in our rural communities.’

In relation to tackling travelling criminals, the bulletin states: ‘Intelligence shows that organised crime groups are targeting rural areas, moving across county borders to commit crime.

‘We will disrupt criminal activity by working with our neighbouring forces and partners to target criminals as they travel across the region.

‘We will continue to run local/regional rural-crime operations and tackle local offending, such as those who commit poaching offences and other rural/wildlife crimes.’

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Another priority is reducing the theft of machinery. The bulletin reads: ‘Opportunistic and acquisitive crimes are a significant risk to our farming and rural communities.

‘The loss of machinery has an impact on livelihoods and can have a detrimental effect on those living close by.’

Police also want to work with communities, stating: ‘By working with our partners, stakeholders and those who live or work in the rural community, we will maximise opportunities for prevention in order to stop people from becoming the victims of crime.’

To comment, email San [email protected] by Monday.

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