Police complaint figures revealed

There were 680 complaints recorded against Northumbria Police during 2011/12, figures released by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) reveal.

The complaints contained 1,416 allegations and there were 194 appeals to the IPCC about Northumbria Police’s handling of complaints.

The appeals included 119 about the way the force dealt with a complaint investigation, 22 about complaints resolved locally and 53 about the force’s failure to record a complaint. The IPCC completed 146 appeals during 2011/12, upholding 78 (53 per cent), higher than the 38 per cent result for England and Wales. Some 55 per cent of appeals about complaints were resolved locally and 76 per cent about the failure to record a complaint were upheld.

The total number of complaints recorded by police forces in England and Wales fell for the second consecutive year.