Police are combating boy racers in Alnwick

Latest news from Northumbria Police.
Latest news from Northumbria Police.

Police are taking action against boy racers in Alnwick, as part of a force-wide crackdown on nuisance and dangerous drivers.

The no-nonsense message was issued by Inspector Paul Truscott at last Thursday’s Alnwick Town Council meeting.

He said that in the last two weeks, seven letters have been dished out to ‘registered keepers of vehicles who frequently come to our attention’.

It comes as part of the force-wide Operation Dragoon – which is Northumbria Police’s long-standing commitment to road safety – and Inspector Truscott said that unmarked cars will continue to patrol the area and issue notifications which could result in vehicles being uplifted.

“Unmarked cars will target these people, stop them, speak to them and issue them with any relevant notifications,” Inspector Truscott warned.

As part of discussions with the town council, Inspector Truscott acknowledged that Alnwick’s CCTV cameras needed upgrading, but admitted that they act mainly as a deterrent and are not great in terms of capturing evidence.

He also stated that anti-social behaviour is a police priority for the town centre.

He emphasised the broad nature of anti-social behaviour and said that noise complaints, whether from children playing outside or from groups of youths, are received on a daily basis.

He said that The Park, on Swansfield Park Road, was a priority area for the town, following incidents at the site; most recently damage to a rocking horse and a teenager being caught with a lock knife.

A survey has been conducted about people’s concerns about the play park and police are working on the results of this. He told members that action has been taken against a number of youths committing anti-social behaviour.

He said levels of domestic violence have increased across the force and the Alnwick sector. He attributed this to a rise in confidence in reporting instances and said nine out of 10 cases result in a suspect being charged.