Police appeal after equine equipment stolen

Latest from Northumbria Police.
Latest from Northumbria Police.

Police are appealing for information after a series of thefts in the Morpeth area.

A Renault Midlum 7.5-tonne box van was stolen from a stable near to Linton between 10.30am and 1.30pm on Friday.

Police have described the vehicle as distinctive, being silver in colour with yellow and black markings on the sides. It has Brockfield Stables on the front and horses on the rear of the van.

Police are also investigating the theft of a horse box from Eskleth, in Cambo.

It happened between 7pm on Thursday and 2pm on Friday.

Thieves entered the address before making off with the maroon Iveco-Ford horse box.

Both of the vehicles which were stolen were locked and secured and police believe that the thieves had prior knowledge of the vehicles and the locations of where they were parked. Anyone with information should call police on 101.