Christmas warning
Christmas warning


Christmas is with us once again and it’s a time when everyone is kept very busy.

I know things can easily be forgotten which normally help keep people and their property safe and that’s when the opportunist thieves will take their chance.

There are rich pickings at this time of year with people buying presents and gifts and out and about meeting up with family and friends.

Reducing crime is one of my key priorities and Northumbria enviably has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

I know your risk of being a crime victim in our area is very low and I want us all to keep it this way. By taking simple crime prevention measures, you can reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime. Reducing crime levels also reduces any impact and costs.

It only takes seconds to remember to always lock your doors and windows, even when you’re in your home.

Keeping your keys out of reach and sight of your doors is one of the easier ways to keep safe one of the most valuable items you own – your car.

Timer light switches are also good things to use to help protect your home.

Every person living within Northumberland and the Northumbria area can help tackle criminals who target our property and homes by working with the police.

I also want to ensure people out socialising are kept safe throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

Police are working with partners to help keep people safe on their nights out in Northumberland.

I’ve seen first-hand how officers are working with partners to intervene early in alcohol-related issues to help keep people safe.

It’s important people socialising in our towns know they’re in a safe environment and protecting vulnerable people is one of my key priorities.

I’m delighted police and partners, including licensees and local door staff, are working together to keep all visitors safe with their early-intervention activities.

We know how important it is to local residents that drunken behaviour is tackled and that is exactly what this operation is helping us to do.

Officers will be patrolling Northumbria’s towns working with partners and local door staff to help keep people safe on their nights out.

This joint working helps build community confidence in the county and this is another of my key objectives.

Officers on highly-visible patrols during busy periods help to bring confidence to communities.

It also helps them to develop those all-important local relationships with the people they serve in their neighbourhoods.

I want everyone in the region to remember Christmas 2013 for all the right reasons and not to end the year or start 2014 as a crime victim.

I’d like to wish you all a very happy and peaceful festive season.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to festive thieves.