Point-to-point racing at Alnwick today survives weather inspection

Point-to-point racing at Ratcheugh.
Point-to-point racing at Ratcheugh.

The West Percy Point-to-Point fixture has survived an early-morning course inspection and goes ahead this afternoon.

Despite the cold snap this week, temperatures overnight were above freezing and the Ratcheugh Farm course was declared fit at 7.30am.

A statement on the Alnwick |Races website simply says: ‘Racing goes ahead. Currently 4 degrees. Frost all out of the ground.’

Yesterday, the meeting was in doubt with parts of the course still not totally raceable.

The meeting was postponed a fortnight ago due to a very heavy frost and light snow on the ground.

The {http://www.northumberlandgazette.co.uk/sport/local-sport/other-sport/under-starter-s-orders-again-after-cancellation-1-7076893first of the seven races sets off at noon|Link to the latest guide on the runners.}, with free entry once again on offer to all race-goers.

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