Poet’s Corner

Simply the best

They say that in the heavens,

Each day a new star is born,

So that’s what must have happened,

When Sir Alan Beith came along,

He became our angel up here,

In the North East,

And could always be seen on nearly any street,

Talking to the folks - listening,

Without his help,

Many would have struggled badly,

When problems they did meet,

Never once to my knowledge did he turn away,

He would meet the foe head on,

Till they moved away,

So now the time has come for him,

To set aside, all the things that made him tick,

Must be very hard indeed,

But the time has come to step back,

And let another take the reins,

But before you slip away now,

To take a well earned rest,

May we tell you most sincerely,

Sir Alan, you were simply the best.

Dougie Hedley,