POEM: Farewell Flight Of Our Yellow Bird

I write with a lump in my throat, Our King is gone,

How could such a decision make sense to anyone?

I found a useful pitch with a view of Hotspur Tower,

And waited, camera at the ready, for the eleventh hour,

I thought I’d get it flying above with a clear view,

Along Bondgate it would be coming through,

However, I was caught out and it flew over,

Engines thrumming over my left shoulder,

I hurriedly took pics of this unplanned view,

None very good and all were askew,

However I thought I’d done my best,

And headed off home a heaviness in my chest,

However I now know I should have waited,

It came back to fly over the tower as previously stated,

Over Northumberland’s skies for the very last time,

It has been a familiar friend to me and mine,

Thank you to all involved with our Yellow Sea King,

Our sea and hills are no longer in your safe keeping.