Plea family given support by group

A mother who pleaded to the public to back calls for a specialist cystic fibrosis drug to be made available on the NHS has been offered support from a group fighting for the same cause.

Last week, Sarah Dundas from Hipsburn, told the Gazette how she wanted people to sign a petition, as part of the Campaign for Kalydeco (see

Her sons, Jamie, 12, and Sammy, six, have cystic fibrosis’ G551D mutation.

The drug Kalydeco has a significant clinical benefit for those who suffer from this form of the disease, but no decision has been made on funding it in the NHS.

After running the story, the Gazette was contacted by Teesside-based Clare Caunce, whose child is a 17-year-old G551D sufferer.

She offered to give Sarah and her family support and information and wanted the Dundases to join the group she is involved in which is currently trying to push the decision on Kalydeco.