PLAYHOUSE: Appreciative of comments

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I am writing in response to Mr RB Wilson’s letter about those involved in Alnwick Playhouse, (Northumberland Gazette, September 14).

The article highlighted the contributions made by several people to the success of the Playhouse as we know it today.

One of those mentioned was Steven Cowton. I am Steve’s cousin, born and bred in North Yorkshire, but now retired and living in Warkworth.

Many of your readers will know that Steve now has a senior role at The Lowery Theatre in Salford.

I relayed Mr Wilson’s comments to Steve last week while he was following his passion for Yorkshire cricket at The Oval. (They were humiliated by Surrey). Steve, unfortunately, cannot remember Mr Wilson, but would like to thank him, through your newspaper, for his kind comments.

There will be many of your readers who share Mr Wilson’s views, including myself.

I know only too well the time and selfless dedication that Steve contributed to the creation of a marvellous facility in the town and it is my good fortune that I and my family can now enjoy the fruits of Steve’s tireless labour.

He may be in Salford, but I know he still has fond memories of his friends and colleagues in Alnwick.

John Ward,

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