Playground work almost there

WORK on a village playground is almost complete.

In autumn 2009, a group of Thropton children, led by Daniel Brown and Emma Troop, who were Dr Thomlinson’s Middle School pupils at the time, tried to do something to improve the state of the children’s play area, which was run down and waterlogged.

A jumble sale raised £1,200 for the project and a local businessman installed land drains into the area.

Other local residents then assisted the cause by forming a charity to raise further funds for the project.

County councillor Stephen Bridgett, also put in funds from his members’ small schemes allowance.

That, added to the efforts of the trustees, secured the necessary finance to enable the playground improvements to be made.

The work is nearly complete and to celebrate their dream becoming a reality, the children are about to organise a party to celebrate their achievement.