Plans to replace chiropractors with apartments

Latest planning applications.
Latest planning applications.

An application to replace Alnwick Chiropractic Centre with a block of flats has been lodged with the county council.

The proposals for the Wagonway Road site would see the existing building demolished and replaced with a two-and-a-half storey building comprising three apartments.

There would be a one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor, a two-bedroom flat on the first floor and another one-bedroom apartment on the attic floor.

The county council’s highways department has already raised some concerns, including that there are no car-parking facilities proposed within the site boundary.

The site plan highlights the public spaces across the road, but these ‘cannot be assumed to be available for residents’.

The highways officer is also seeking confirmation from the applicant, Ten Talents Ltd, that ‘the bus stop and the street lighting column will be retained in their existing position’ and for details of ‘how the bins will be presented on collection day without the potential for their obstruction of the footway’.