PLANS: More debate is required

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Before you are misled into circulating ‘false news’, allow us to give you our impressions of the recent public consultation regarding proposals to develop the Duke’s Middle School site.

Notwithstanding the claims of the spokesperson for Northumberland Estates, we did not leave that meeting with the impression that plans for 114 residential units had been ‘well received’.

Most people, we felt, were withholding their opinions, being overwhelmed by the scale of the proposal and mystified as to why something contrary to the Alnwick and Denwick Neighbourhood Plan seemed to have the blessing of Northumberland County Council planners.

A four-hour display of these proposals, based on artists’ impressions, is hardly sufficient for a ‘public consultation’.

Nor is it satisfactory that any comments made before a formal proposal is submitted simply go to Estate representatives to be ‘considered’.

A wider discussion and greater public scrutiny is needed. We have already called upon our county councillors to help ensure that this happens.

Alan and Jill Waton,