Plans lodged for new housing scheme in Northumberland coastal village

Plans have been lodged by Northumberland Estates for new homes in Beadnell.
Nine new homes are proposed off Swinhoe Road in Beadnell. Picture: GoogleNine new homes are proposed off Swinhoe Road in Beadnell. Picture: Google
Nine new homes are proposed off Swinhoe Road in Beadnell. Picture: Google

The operation, which looks after the business interests of the Duke of Northumberland, is seeking planning permission for nine dwellings on a greenfield site off Swinhoe Road, at the southern end of the village.

However, concerns have been raised by local residents about the impact of more housing in a village with one of the highest proportions of holiday homes in the country.

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Andy Brown of protest group Beadnell Under Threat, in his letter of objection, states: “The overwhelming mood within our precious village is one of angry resistance to even more unwarranted development.

‘The developer is once again showing a total lack of consideration for the wishes of the local residents.’

He questions demand for the development and highlights doubts about the ability of the village’s infrastructure to cope with more housing.

‘The crucial point, which must be emphasised, is this,’ writes Mr Brown. ‘At present in Beadnell there are 47 new build houses with planning consent. All are restricted to ‘principal occupancy’ (as set out in the North Northumberland Coast Neighbourhood Plan)

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‘That would mean 47 families/residents moving to Beadnell to live here permanently. Is that a likely prospect? If this application were to be approved, however, it would increase the figure to 56, thus veering towards impossibility.

‘Surely, it would be better for all concerned that no more permission be granted until those with consent have been constructed and sold to genuine 'principal occupancy' residents?’

Four other letters of objection have been lodged.

Among them, local resident Denise Hewitt writes: ‘Undoubtedly when the developers realise that they are unable to sell this volume of homes as main residences they will come back to the council cap in hand asking for the restriction to be lifted.’

The proposal is for three affordable two-bedroom dwellings and six units for private sale, five of which would be three-bedroom and one two-bedroom.

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A report accompanying the application states: ‘The site offers good opportunities for the creation of a distinctive residential neighbourhood. The proposal seeks to provide a community with a distinct character and a strong sense of place.

‘Careful consideration of dwelling height and orientation will allow access to views over the Northumberland coastline whilst reducing the impact of proposed development upon neighbouring existing dwellings, holiday homes, and the long range open views into the site.

‘In summary, the project team believe the proposed development will become a positive addition to the Beadnell area.’

In 2017, Northumberland Estates received outline planning permission for 45 homes on a greenfield site south of Kennedy Green, also accessed off Swinhoe Road.

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