Plans in offing for play area and WCs

The play area on the riverside in Rothbury.
The play area on the riverside in Rothbury.

Talks are ongoing with Northumberland County Council and Northumberland Estates about Rothbury’s play areas.

Coun Helen Walklett told the meeting that three different companies have been to look at the Riverside play area to see what equipment could be used there.

She added that the county council is looking to trasnfer the play area to the parish from April 1.

Coun Walklett said: “I think they need to come out and see the play area and talk to us about the section 106 funding from The Mart Field.”

Coun Bridgett added that a project might be afoot that will help upgrade the Riverside toilets and the play area at the same time.

He said: “We are looking, hopefully, at a project that might kill two birds with one stone. We will be happy to present more when we can, but we possibly have a solution for the toilets and the play area.”