PLANS: Housing is close to A1

In her letter about the proposed Windy Edge development, Joanne Goward refers to '˜rumour mongers', (Northumberland Gazette, January 25).

The issue of proximity to the A1 for some of the proposed affordable housing is not a rumour, but a fact.

In our letter of objection, published on the council planning website, we state: ‘A number of noise mitigation measures are recommended (in the application documents) in relation to current residents during construction and to the proposed housing, the latter to mitigate noise from the A1 road.

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‘It is of concern that a high proportion of proposed affordable housing appears to have been placed where noise mitigation is most necessary, suggesting a discriminatory approach.’

The Alnmouth Road Residents’ Association remains opposed to the planning application in total due to concerns about road safety, sustainability, impact on ecology, landscape and infrastructure, and lack of compliance with the Alnwick and Denwick Neighbourhood Plan.

Dr Tricia Cresswell,

Chairman, Alnmouth Road Residents’ Association

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